July 27, 2000

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The Domain of Dr Lighthead, Gore, and Robotar, is the Supremor in which is where you are appeared to be right now. All base operations take place here. This is somewhat of a Sonic site. I currently have five subpages: FanFic, Fan Comics, Picture Wars, Black Crud and the newly made Field of Energy. 


The history continues... As of July 27th, things WILL change but for the better.... Oh for the better alright. There will aslo be no more updates on the subpages since they are being completely renewed. Only this page will be updated for the next week.


COUNTDOWN - Is not accurate right now. But the big update IS coming!


GOAL - Get to 1000 by the 27th. If you are the 1000th visitor, you MUST sign the guestbook or Email me here

This is game of creativity and strategy. Try it! It's fun. All you need is paper and pencil.



7/17 New BG music. The old was tiring. SOON.... PWO will commence. On July 27th       

These are storylines of comics that I made up. They can't be uploaded YET because of lack of webspace, but soon.....

7/9 The summaries are now finally completed 

This page tells about the most complex object in the universe, the human brain. A section of Cosmology will be added soon.

6/25 This section will now be taken over by a friend of mine who can very well explain it better. Updates will still be here though

The only fanfic series I wrote, How Earth Became Mobius is the only one in there. More to come. BTW, it does take me awhile to write and this page and will be updated seldomly. HEBM will be done sometime in 2001.



7/9 The rest of HEBM Part 2 is finally complete

Not a racist comment. This a basically an insane weird page. There's nothing severe. Just whatever you do, don't click the button! Evilness takes place there.

7/15 New sound file.

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