The Domain of Dr Lighthead, Gore, and Robotar, is the Supremor in which is where you are appeared to be right now. All base operations take place here. This is somewhat of a general site. It has random stuff. I currently have seven subpages: FanFiction, Fan Comics, Picture Wars, Black Crud, Chaos & Light Properties, Paranormal and Scubing. 

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Since Feb. 12th 2000

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Welcome to It has now been ONE year since this site was first on the web and now, with a lot accomplished, more is on the way. Every section has been updated to an extremity that they could possibly be updated to. Some graphics were taken off for loading purposes but to satisfy the want of the others, the want for cheese and CAA is here.


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PICTURE WARS                                  2/12

FAN FICTION                                      2/12

This is a game of creativity and strategy. Try it! It's fun. All you need is paper and pencil.

This page does get updated seldom but gets updated every now and then

FAN COMICS                                     2/12 BLACK CRUD                                  2/12

These are storylines of comics that I made up since July of 97. Now 3 years later, anew has come.

Not a racist comment. This a basically an insane weird page. There's nothing severe. 

PARANORMAL                                     2/12 CHAOS & LIGHT                                2/12

This page tells about the mysterious things of the universe, the human brain and other paranormal

This is a new section explaining various theories and properties

SCUBA                                                     2/12  

This new page tells about the mysterious things under the ocean and contains underwater battles of many sorts


Whatever the scientists may say, if we take the supernatural out of life, we leave only the unnatural. - Amelia Barr

Creator of this site is Jeff Ratté AKA Dr Lighthead and is © 2000, 2001

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