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ns  take place here. This is somewhat of a general site. It has random stuff. I currently have five subpages: HEBM,  Picture Wars, Paranormal,  Scuba and Cosmology.

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Monday, July 22, 2002 12:03 AM/et


On the 27th, the site will be revamped with a MUCH better navigation menu and layout. In this update, you can also expect HEBM VI: Fate of the Solar System, more E3D material, expanded material in Paranormal and much more. Just one more week. :Ţ


Friday, July 12, 2002 11:30 PM/et


They are working me too much... >_<; Haven't had a day off since the 3rd. Well... Sorry to say, but I have ZERO time to do anything on the site other than major plans for later this month. What's in bold is what REALLY matters. :P I'll release more info next week.




The Cosmic Icky Stick

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Contains the fanfiction written since December of 1998 along with colored cutscenes of the fanfic, E3D pics, and a profiles section and more.



This is a game of creativity and strategy. Try it! It's fun. All you need is paper and pencil. Great when bored in school.



This page tells about the unexplained, involving fields of ghosts, UFOs, the mind and more. Very interesting.




This section shows the wonders of the universe with some of its properties




Contains underwater scuba pics and underwater battles of many sorts. Pics are updated once a week. Maintained by Bumper


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